Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Pankreatic carcinoma
Pancreatic carcinoma, duodenal penetration Pancreatic carcinoma, duodenal penetration
This lesion was first Diagnosisd as a duodenal ulcer, but was resistant to sufficiently dosed antisecretory therapy. Two follow- up endoscopies didnīt show any healing of the lesion. Histology at the second follow- up revealed a pancreatic cancer penetrating into the duodenal bulb.
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Malignant ulcer due to pancreatic penetration This is another example of a pancreatic carcinoma penetrating to the duodenal bulb. At the dorsal wall the mucosa shows an ulcer surrounded by edematous mucosa. A doudenal stenosis distal to the bulb gives a hint towards the diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma.