Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Hemorrhage and itīs treatment (grading of hemorrhage see Forrest scale)
Duodenal ulcer, Forrest Ia hemorrhage Duodenal ulcer, Forrest Ib hemorrhage after clipping
This duodenal ulcer at the left edge of the figure, shows an oozing, active bleeding. According to the Forrest classification of gastrointestinal hemorrhage of the upper GI- tract, this bleeding is graded as Forrest Ib. The visible vessel is treated by primary application of a hemoclip. At the 3 week follow- up (fig )the Clip is still in the original position. The ulcer shows a progressive healing.
Status at 6 weeks after diagnosis At 6 weeks the ulcer has healed completely with only residual scarring. The hemoclip is not to be found anymore and has probably fallen off.
Move the mouseīs arrow onto the image to indicate the scar.