Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Papilla of Vater with polyp
Tissue in the papilla´s porus Biliary tree severely congested
Indication to perform an ERCP is painless jaandice. Inspection of the papilla reveals a tissue- like structure in the orifice. Cholangiogramm shows considerably congested bile ducts. There is no potential cause for jaandice above the hepatic fork, namely no proximal stone.
Polypoid tumor Resected tumor
In this setting an EPT is performed, a polypoid tumor prolapses from the orifice thereafter. The tumor is resected by a snare (right edge of the figure), histologically it proves to be a mucous hyperplasia with adenomatous structures included.
Tissue in the papilla´s porus Huge polypoid tumor with granular surface extending from the papilla´s porus nearly to the roof of the papilla. Histology reveals a papillary adenoma.