Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Spontanous stone passage
Spontanous stone passage ERCP was performed for a persistent colic attack lasting two days. On admission endoscopic evaluation showed a stone 2 cm in diameter in the duodenum, which passed the papilla spontaneously. To the left of the upper edge of the picture note the dilated papilla producing small amounts of bloodstained bile.
Findings after a spontaneous stone passage
after spontanous stone passage After a severe colic attack endoscopy reveals a triangular papillary orifice torn presumably by a stone. Sometimes a spontaneous perforation of stones trough the papilla´s roof occurs.
Condition after spontanous stone passage with hemorrhage
hemorrhage after spontanous stone passage An ERCP was performed for severe colic and dilated biliary duct in a sonoscan. The orifice looks torn apart and is covered by a recent blood clot. Active hemorrrhage is not visible.