Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Extraction with a dormia basket
Extraction with a dormia basket Extensive papillotomy
A usefull device for stone extraction is the retrieval basket made of 4 parallel, extendable wires. Stones can be trapped inbetween, the basket is then cautiously extracted with itīs content via the papilla. Stones bigger than 1,5 to 2,0 cm should be shattered to pieces before extraction. Extraction of stones bigger than 2 cm without prior lithotripsy may induce ruptures of the papillaīs roof or the duodenal wall. Peripapillary inflammation andīmay also result in a wide, yawning bile duct orifice. This in return facilitates germ ascension. The figure depicts a peripapillary inflammation and a yawning papillotomy after extraction of a big stone with a retrieval basket.