Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Spiral-Z-Stent, implantation device Spiral-Z-Stent
Spiral-Z-stent still mounted on the application device, introduced along a guide wire, which was advanced to peripheral biliary ducts just before. At the tip of the arrowhead the upper radio- positive mark is visible. The lower one has just (about 1,5 cm) left the endoscope. After deployment the stent has fully expanded at site of the tumorous stenosis (pancreatic carcinoma). The meshes of a Z-stent are wider than the ones of a Wall stent. Application of a second metall stent through those meshes (i.e. at the hepatic fork) is easier. This is important, because drainage of both hepatic ducts, when obstructed, is recommended as state of the art. The name Z-stent is derived from the Z- like arrangement of the meshes. During deployment the stent does not shorten, as opposed to the Wall stent.
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