Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Hemorrhage from antral varices
Antral varices Antral varices - hemorrhage Sclerotherapy of antral varices
The pictures of this section all deal with the same patient. They document the time course of a recurrent hemorrhage from antral varices. The varices are clearly visible below the protruding mucosa running from the antrum to the gastric body. They developed secondary to ligation of esophageal varices. The same patient also presented with esophageal stenosis after varical banding. The antral varices show a high bleeding activity. Again cherry red spots underline a high general tendency of hemorrhage. Sclerotherapy initially succeeds in stopping the hemorrhage.
Ulcer after sclerotherapy Antral varices- hemorrhage Histoacryl extravasion from the side of hemmorrhage
Secondary to sclerotherapy an ulcer has developed 4 days later. Later on in the course of time the hemorrhage happens to reoccurr. A second treatment using Histoacryl injections is necessary. In the middle of the picture a clot ist dripping from the vessel, which secures intravasal injection. Long lasting cessation of bleeding is achieved.