Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Deposits of pathological paraproteins
Pathological protein deposition Pathological protein deposition
Polypoid tumors with multiple superficial white dots are found in the gastric antrum. Endosonography identifies the lesions as mere thickening of the gastric mucosa ( up to 1 cm). Snare biopsy reveals a deposition of light chain proteins with a concomitant neutrophilic inflammation. Pathoprotein deposition usually occurrs in proliferative, lymphatic disorders or with generalized light chain deposition disease. A thorough diagnostic workup failed to show extra- gastric manifestations. Progressive disease necessitated gastrectomy. Histology, again only showed protein deposition, no lymphoma. Thus a very rare isolated, idiopathic, gastric light chain deposition disease was diagnosed.