Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Monilial stomatitis Retracting the endoscope a monolial stomatitis is visible. A white, streaky or spotted fur of the throat is a typical picture. Methotrexate therapy for severe, rheumatoid arthritis is responsible for this candidiasis.
Monilial esophagitis
Monilial stomatitis Monilial stomatitis
Esophageal infection with candida is the most frequent infectious esophagitis. The mucosa is initially spotted by a white or yellowish fur, which gets confluent with progressive disease and covers the whole mucosa in late stages. The mucosa presents dark red and is extremely vulnerable. A monilial esophagitis normally develops in immunocompromised patients. In this example immunosuppression resulted from chemotherapy for chronic lymphatic leucemia. Only in rare cases otherwise healthy patients develop esophageal candidiasis.