Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Reflux esophagitis - see table Savary and Miller classification of esophagitis.
Reflux esophagitis II° Reflux esophagitis III° Reflux esophagitis IV°
Reflux esophagitis Reflux esophagitis Reflux esophagitis
Reflux esophagitis II° Numerous, confluent, erosive, partly fibrin covered lesions are visible. As discrimination to 3rd grade inflammation the lesions do not cover the whole esophageal circumference, allowing a classification as IInd grade. In reflux esophagitis III° erosive, fibrin covered lesions affect the whole esophageal circumference. Severe, partly ulcerative mucosal lesions with edematous regions and a beginning stenosis.
Reflux esophagitis Severe reflux esophagitis with scarring Reflux esophagitis
In reflux esophagitis IV° severe, hematin covered, ulcerous lesions are seen, which cause a scarred shortening of the esophagus (brachyesophagus). Other cases show a singular ulcer. Esophagitis IV with extensive errosions and ulcerations covering the whole circumference. After years of reflux esophagitis several sequels develop, with stenosis being one of them. Prestenotic scarred mucosal streaks point to the narrowness. See also stenosis.