Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Barrettīs carcinoma
Barrettīs carcinoma Barrettīs carcinoma
The inverted endoscopic view on the left photo shows a polypoid tumor at the esophago- cardial junction. On the right side the tumor is depicted in an antegrad way. The esophageal lumen is obstructed considerably. Histologic work-up found cells highly suspicious of malignancy. Additionally the cells were tested immunhistochemically positive for the epitheleal marker Pan-Zytokeratin. Thus an infiltration of the submucosa by an adenocarcinoma with signet- ring like cells was present in this patient. An increasing fraction of the esophageal tumors are nowadays adenocarcinomas originating from the distal esophagus , presumably from Barrett epithelum. The cells of these tumors do sometimes also show the pattern of a signet- ring, owing to a high content of cellular mucus.