Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Covered Z-Stent (See also Stent discriptions)
Carcinoma Stent after deployment
Óld patient with inoperable squamoumous cell carcinoma of the esophagus, which causes a stenosis in the middle part of the esophagus. After several bougienages a covered Z- stent is implanted. The ends of the stent only patially carry the coverage and get wider a the ends, thus preventing displacement. The coverage around the middle part of the stent prevents the tumor from growing into the stentīs lumen.
Stent after 4 months
Stent after 4 months After 4 months the stent has lost contact to the mucosa in the upper parts. Some bits of food have been retained. The overall condition of the patient is stabile, although the tumor is progressive. Quality of life is rated to be good by the patient.