Atlas of Gastroenterological Endoscopy
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Carcinoma stenting with Choo-Stent - See also Stent discriptions
Esophageal carcinoma Esophageal carcinoma
At 34 cm a high grade stenosis is found, an inoperaple esophageal carcinoma is diagnosed The stenosis is still passable with the endoscope. The tumor is infiltrating the gastric mucosa of the lesser cuvature.
Positioning of the stent Positioning of the stent
Since esophageal are not implanted via the working channel of the endoscope, a endoscopically controlled, radiological marking of the tumor length has to be performed first. In this case tiny saws used to open medical glas ampullas were used. Therafter a guide wire is placed through the stenosis as far as the antrum. The gastroscope is removed. An ERCP catheter is attached to the gastroscope using a snare. Once again the endoscope is removed. The stenosis is depicted radiologically. Thereafter the application device is introduced and the stent is deployed.
Endoscopic picture of the stent Final endoscopic and fluoroscopic check up. The stent is located correctly, the upper end is close to the mucosa, thus retention of food between the stent and the mucosa is unlikely.